• From floods to fires, Russia sees stronger climate impacts — but efforts to adapt lag

    by  • 8. июня 2017 • Новости

    June 8, 2017 — www.reuters.com, Angelina Davydova

    ST. PETERSBURG, Russia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) — Russia is seeing stronger climate change impacts, from deadly storms in Moscow to river flooding in the country’s south, but efforts to adapt to the growing problems remain limited, experts warn.

    With around 10 million of the country’s people facing immediate climate-related risks, according to Russian researchers, there is a need for federal and regional climate adaptation strategies, including better early warning systems and modernized infrastructure, the experts said.

    Last week, a hurricane with winds up to 30 meters per second (67 miles per hour) hit Moscow at rush hour, leaving 16 people dead and more than 200 others injured, according to Russia’s Emergency Ministry.