• An energy breakthrough might finally be on its way for Ukraine

    by  • 20. июня 2017 • Новости

    June 16, 2017 — www.kyivpost.com, Maria Romanenko

    Any nation’s economy is inextricably linked to its energy sector.
    If that sector is clean, competitive and efficient, and if the nation has enough resources or investment to be energy independent, then that nation is likely to be doing well in other areas.

    By these standards, Ukraine has been sickly. It wastes energy. It has allowed oligarchs to monopolize key sectors, stifling competition. Renewable energy sources have provided only a small percentage of the nation’s needs, while Ukraine remains heavily reliant on nuclear power and, until recently, Russian natural gas.

    It’s changing for the better, however, and a vision of a brighter future is outlined in Energy Strategy 2035, a vision created by Razumkov Center, the National University of Strategic Research, Energy Ministry and others.

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